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How to protect your AC from getting overheated?

If your air conditioner gets overheated, do not panic. There are some ways by which you can protect your AC from getting overheated. A few tips are given here:


Replace the air filter regularly. An air filter is an important component of the air conditioner. It helps in removing the dust and pollen from the air and protects your air conditioner from the contaminants. But, if the air filter of the air conditioner is dirty, the air flow gets blocked. This will put pressure on the air conditioner and your AC has to work harder. This will cause overheating of the air conditioner and will trip the circuit breaker.  Thus, change the air filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is better to change the air filter once after every three months.



Check the outdoor unit regularly. If the outside coils get dirty, the heat will not release properly. This will again cause the air conditioner to work harder and will lead to overheating of the system. You can call an air conditioner Spring Hill expert for a regular service and maintenance of the air conditioner. A professional technician will check both the inside and the outside unit properly and will clean the coils for the optimum functioning of the air conditioner.